Thursday, June 27, 2013

Authors for Library Ebooks and the American Library Association

It is wonderful to see other top authors speak up for libraries through Authors for Library Ebooks (a4le), a support campaign for library ebooks from the American Library Association! I’ve been a professionally published author since 1995 and have written many, many books (William Stanek for technical works, William Robert Stanek for learning books and compilations, and Robert Stanek for everything else I write). As a technology journalist, I've written for PC Magazine, Dr. Dobbs, TechNet Magazine and a variety of other leading magazines. As a technology writer, I've written for Simon & Schuster, Random House, Macmillan, Pearson, Microsoft, O'Reilly and other publishers.

My publishers and I have digital distribution with several dozen retail and library partners. I probably have more titles in digital distribution than just about any other author as there are nearly 600 Robert Stanek titles available at libraries worldwide in digital as well as a few of my William Stanek titles too. I've been in digital in libraries for many years and have been an outspoken supporter of libraries and digital in libraries for many years and it has been a great experience.

If you're an author or reader who wants to show your support for library ebook lending, join in the a4le fun by tweeting or blogging to show your support. Learn more at