About Robert Stanek

Robert Stanek has been writing stories for nearly 30 years. His 150th book was published in 2013. Though Robert Stanek has always been a writer at heart, he never set out to be a writer. When Robert said goodbye to high school he didn’t know what he wanted to be. Robert knew wanted to do though: He wanted to see the world--and so he set out to do just that while serving my country in distant lands. Robert Stanek served in Asia, lived in Japan, and Japan is where he finished his first full-length novel. The year was 1986. Robert served in Europe, lived in Germany. Robert served in the Pacific, lived in Hawaii. Those experiences—peoples, cultures, heritages, and much more—live in his writing. His latest picture books for children include "How Many Fish?" "Pirates Stole My Booty" "Twelve Dresses, One Star" "Mamma Sea Turtle" and "Buster’s On the Job."

Robert Stanek's journey to publication was a longer one than most people can even imagine. Robert wrote novels for more than ten years before he ever tried to get published. His big break came with a book about publishing—only a different sort of publishing than you might imagine. The book was about web publishing and with its publication his career in writing began. While Robert Stanek wrote those other books, he wrote many, many stories and books for his kids, and he collected them for a few decades, until at his children’s urging he set out to get them published for others to enjoy. Now Robert Stanek is a published author of both fiction and nonfiction. It’s been a long journey, but Robert thinks a rewarding one at the end of the day. Not only because he now has 30 years of writing to share with the world, but because the road traveled was one worth traveling.

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