Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Charity Drive. Help raise $10,000 for veterans-related charities!

I wanted to let readers know about a great cause and a great event: Veterans Day "Gone, but Not Forgotten!" veteran's charity drive. I will be donating all the royalties I earn today for THIS MORTAL COIL. AFTER THE MACHINES to the Wounded Warrior Project and other veterans-related charities. This is for any edition or episode of the printed book, ebook or any other format with any of the retailers where the book is available (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes/iBookstore, Google Play, Kobo + 240 others).

Some quick links for you...

Play: https://t.co/2o5oLXqDa9

Amazon:  http://t.co/wa5Cnhpbwl

Once I have the preliminary totals I will report the full amount earned and also post a receipt for my donation.  Please help me out in making it as much as possible!

Any help spreading the word through twitter, facebook and social media would be appreciated. On Twitter, Facebook and G+ use #vetsgiveback as your hashtag.

This is in conjunction with more than 40 other veteran authors who are donating to their favorite veterans-related charities. To learn more, about other books and authors involved read Supporting Veteran Authors Who Support Veterans, Veterans' Issues and Veterans-related Charities.

Thank you,

Robert Stanek

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